"When You Were Young and Naughty!" 


Video Tape of Juvenile Spanking in Main Stream Movies and TV.

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The "Bad Seed" is 'HOT" and will play if you have real player!

Great news for those of you with a interest in the history of juvenile spanking in mainstream movies and TV . 

This unique collection (PAL format only) is out now!.  Many of the clips in this wonderful video are taken from brand new copies of the full movies.  Most have lead ins and lead outs before or after the spanking takes place.

Order today and we will include FREE  for the first 100 orders   Letters to “Your Romance Magazine”  and a copy of the rare article from the 1959 issue of Teen Magazine on teen age spanking with quotes and input from actual teens that went over Mom’s or Dad’s knee.  


The cost of the PAL format video will be $49.95 and can be ordered on line or through the mail. Please send a email to spankingdigest@aol.com for more information on how to order. 


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