Spank Memories

Why should you become a member when there is so much free stuff on the web?

How much time do you spend "looking" around? 

When you find something nice how often do you lose the address?

How often is it almost impossible to even find the "door" to the site because of all the ad banners.

How often do you go back and, guess what, the site flew the coop and "went south". 

How often do you check the update date and it was sometime in the last century, not before? (cute, yes?) 

How often is the site shut down for the content or because the "band use" is too high? 

How often is the site set up so badly than you should get a "maze" award for finding your way around or out of the site? 

How often do you have to join an adult check service? 

When you do get there and the site is still up how many pages of "X" rated stuff do you have put up with to get to the fun spanking stuff?

How often do you try and get out of the site and find out "not tonight dear"? Do you get a bounce back till you go nuts. 

How often do you deny yourself something because you can't afford it? If you're here reading this you can afford 32 cents a day. But more importantly, you're worth it?  

So you're going to tell me you're going to put up with all that for 32 cents a day? Hey, you're worth .32 cents a day and so is my site….. 

Well, on to the site or back to the site as the case may be.

Sassy Jane


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