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It is not our intention to put any item on this site without the permission of the original person that wrote, photographed, drew, or created it, or holds the copyright on it, except for clearly public domain items, such as historical pictures/text that is not now covered by present copyright law.  We will not accept any contribution from anyone unless it is accompanied by an assertion that the submitter is the creator or holds the copyright.  

The very nature of the "web" and the fact that we are a "digest" makes it difficult at times to know the source of each and every one of our items. Most of our items are freely available at no cost if you take the time to find them.

If you see an item which is incorrectly credited, or which you created and is posted without authorization, please inform us at     We will look into the matter promptly, and we will remove any item for which we do not have proper authorization, unless we can obtain such authorization from you.

We are always looking for "new", never before posted on the web, or old and/or rare spanking items:   DRAWINGS,  PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, LETTERS, POSTINGS, PHOTOS, NEWS ITEMS, or any other spanking related item.  We will be happy and willing to compensate you in some way for your item BUT it must belong to you in some way..   

If we learn that a contributor has lied to us, claiming falsely to have the rights to an item, we will not accept future items from that person, and will take such other action as seems appropriate, including demanding the refund of any money paid to the contributor. 

If you want to submit items for this site, send them to    Please let us  know how you would like to be compensated for your material.:    A FREE membership, credited for it,  a link to your site or e-mail address, or a check sent to you. 


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