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Please Read Carefully

If you are under 18 year of age you should not have even gotten this far.  It is NOT ok to go any further.  Please click on this link to leave the site! 

We do NOT condone the spanking or hitting of any person under 18 years of age.  We feel it is a outmoded form of punishment and in any case has NO place in today's world. 

 Many people have an interest in discipline and spanking that is not sexual in nature.  This site is for you.  Most of us were spanked at a very young age and have had a fascination with childhood spankings since that time.  

In the "days of yesteryear few, if any, adults were not spanked growing up.   Children that were not spanked prior to 1950 were considered "spoiled brats" by most adults in America.  The culture and media of The United States was full of depictions and descriptions of spanking.  Movies, television, literature, children's books, comic books, cartoons, drawings, letters to the editor, talk between parents,  and greeting cards were full of references to spanking naughty children.. 

This site does nothing more than bring some of the above together for observation by interested parties   

We do not encourage, agree with or condone abuse of any person of any age at any timeWe believe all spankings, if done at all, of any kind and of any age should be given with care and love and in any case not very long and not very hard. 

We do not believe in child pornography of any kind and will not allow it on this site.

 If you have reason to believe that there is any photo or item that is unacceptable in the law's eyes in any way, please let us know and it will be removed.  

The way a parent disciplines their own child, within reason, is up to them.  If images of children being spanked upsets or disturbs you in any way then this is not a site you should be in and should leave now.  

Any one writing, posting, sending, or in anyway insinuating or inferring anything sexual with any person under the age of 18 will be barred from this site for life and all material and any information that we have or are able to obtain on that person will be sent on to the proper authorities. 

Clip of Juvenile Spanking in Main Stream Movies and TV


We are always looking for "new", never before posted on the web, or old and/or rare spanking items:   DRAWINGS,  PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, LETTERS, COMIC BOOKS, LOBBY CARDS, POSTINGS, PHOTOS, NEWS ITEMS, or any other spanking related item.  If you have a collection or even one item we do not have we might be willing to trade or purchase it from you. Please write to: chrisdidit33@aol.com

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