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Subj: fantastic!
From: katharine.xxx@xxxxx.co.uk (katharine )
To: spankingdigest@aol.com

...is the only word I can use to describe your site. Thank you, Sassy Jane!

Jane, You are really on top of things and really well organized. I'm really impressed. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Take care, and stay sweet as you are. God Bless,

By the way, you are doing a nice job with the site. Looks great. I think as long as you can keep it innovative and refreshing. you've got a sure thing there...

Hosting a site of this quality is a labor of love. I love the member site and it's well worth .34 cents a day.  Thank you for keeping your word and updating as offen as you said you would.  

You member site is marvelous I think it will be a great success. Steve

 Please do keep up your excellent work - your site has the potential to be the best spanking site ever. I am pleased to be one of your original supporters.

This is a great, great site I just happened upon...and I thought I'd seem 'em all!! Bravo!

I wanted to thank you for the reference to the website, it looks as though it will be a great one, I was most impressed with the questionnaire, the questions involved led me to believe the people in charge are looking to produce a quality site. Just wanted to again say thank you. 

I am a professional web page developer and I just wanted to offer my help if you ever need any. Also, I wanted to say I enjoy your site immensely! 

Nice site Jenny...good luck...I'll be stopping by often to watch how you progress...

Where have you been all my life <lol> Great sight, good luck and many spanks...er, thanks.

Very good site - I'm looking forward to its future!!

Keep up the good work..A good site like this is hard to find!

Hi Sassy Jane,

Your site is a brave and ambitious venture, and I'd like to send some material

Thank you for the nice spanking site. 

We will visit again. Cheers, and well done ! Dick & Dee

I "stumbled" across your site on the internet, and just wanted to tell you I think that it's great. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing it develop.

Great ! Great ! Great!  I want to continue visiting your site - IT'S WONDERFUL !!!

Hi, Have just been looking at your sight, I realize it is not yet finished but it is already good and if you keep going the same way it will be great . Thank you and well done!!!!

I love your new web site and look forward to enjoying it on a regular basis. I submitted the registration form, and you can count on my support. 

Hi, I am a 21 year old male student. After coming across your site I found it amazing, Congratulations on a wonderful site.


Great site, and I enjoyed the survey  .I'll be back to visit again properly - only had a quick view today. Thanks and good luck.

I just looked at your site. I liked what I saw. Looking forward to updates.

Sassy Jane: I really admire your initiative in getting your new site going and wish you the best of luck. Jonathan


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