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Embarrassing Spankings from Dad

As a child I was spanked only for very serious transgressions, so I never quite got used to being spanked. I always found it to be so embarrassing that I avoided them at all costs. I guess this was the kiss of death for me because although all of my older brothers and sisters stopped getting spanked when they were teenagers, I continued to get occasional spankings until I graduated high school. For whatever reason I guess my father just felt that I responded to it. He was right; I avoided them at all cost because they were so humiliating and painful.
My spankings as a teen were particularly embarrassing. My father didn't believe in much privacy for spankings because I think he felt that the embarrassment was an important part of the punishment (it sure was for me). The spankings were always exactly the same. My dad would come home from work and always immediately have a cocktail with my mother. It was at this point that she would break the news that my report card had come (my spankings were almost always for bad grades or behavior at school because I was pretty well behaved at home) or a bad phone call or something. I would be up in my room trying to listen and not listen at the same time and make a guess on whether this offense would get me the dreaded spanking. Then the call would come. I would be summoned to the living room where my dad would be sitting in his big leather chair. He would make me explain the incident or grade and then proceed with a lecture. At this point I still never new what the punishment would be. Then he would say, "Go get the paddle. I am going to give you a spanking." Just hearing him say as a 17 girl that he was going to give me a spanking was embarrassment enough! As young children we were always spanked with just the hand, but as I continued to get spankings he began using a ping-pong paddle that had the rubber pealed off of it on one side. He kept it in the junk drawer in the kitchen so I always had to see it, even though I might go a year between spankings. I would bring in the paddle. It is important to note here that often my older siblings would be around, and my mother was always around. Sometimes she would watch, or sometimes she would be fixing diner in the kitchen, but I always knew that whoever was in the house was at the very least listening. I remember one particular time my brother was home from college with his girlfriend they had been having cocktails with my parents and knew the whole story. They tactfully went in the kitchen to help my mom with dinner when I came down, but they were there to see me get the paddle and they heard every bit of that spanking. Now that I think about it that was probably my most embarrassing spanking. I thought my brother and his girlfriend were so cool, and I was horrified for her to know that I still got spankings (I was about 16 for this one) I didn't think anyone my age still got spanked (I am just finding out now that I wasn't alone). Anyway, I took the paddle to my father and gave it to him. Then he said the same thing he always said: "pull down your pants." When I was younger that meant everything, but as I began to develop, he allowed me to keep my panties on until I was on his lap. At that point he would pull them down for me. To know that my brother and his girlfriend were in the next room hearing my dad tell me to pull my pants down was more embarrassing than I could ever describe. I was 16! And my dad was still spanking me on the bare bottom like a little girl. Being in that position I felt so helpless and humiliated. He spanked very slowly and methodically. He always started off fairly gentle, but then increased in power as he went on. He never said much but he would really take his time letting me feel the effects of each spank and prolong my agony. He was never a brutal spanker but it did hurt like hell. I always cried, but this time I tried not to be too loud so that they would hear me. It seemed to last an eternity. Then he pulled up my panties and told me to get up and pull up my pants. The worst part of it was I had to go in the kitchen and help my mom with dinner and face them. Meg seemed as embarrassed as I was. Fortunately by the time I was a teen my dad stopped making me stand in the corner with my pants down after my spankings.
As horrible as it was at the time, I do appreciate the discipline. However, I still feel weird about getting bare bottom spankings from my dad as a teenager, especially in front of other people


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